Representing Beneficiaries, Creditors And Executors In Probate Disputes

Administration of estates may be a straightforward process. In other situations, there may be opportunities for disputes and legal challenges. Incomplete estate planning may be the root cause of a probate dispute. Once death occurs, however, litigation may be the only recourse to correct confusion or resolve disagreements over estate administration. A skilled attorney will be instrumental in resolving these disputes on the best possible terms.

Who Brings Will Contests And Other Forms Of Probate Litigation Claims?

In any will contest, disputes may develop:

  • Between beneficiaries
  • Between a beneficiary and an executor
  • Between a creditor and the representative of an estate

Tzoberi Law, LLC, represents all parties, including beneficiaries, executors and creditors, in estate litigation. Probate lawyer Samantha Tzoberi brings a wealth of experience to the challenge of helping probate litigation clients achieve favorable outcomes in a cost-effective and timely manner. She goes the extra mile to understanding her clients' perspectives and priorities. In doing so, she can prepare compelling arguments that give her clients every opportunity for success.

Objectives Of Probate Litigation

Beneficiaries may claim they were wrongfully omitted or removed from a will. In a will contest, a plaintiff may allege that a will was invalid because:

  • It was not signed correctly.
  • It was executed when the deceased person lacked mental capacity to make conscious, deliberate decisions in accordance with his or her wishes when capable.
  • It was signed when the deceased was under undue pressure and influence.

Other types of probate litigation may include allegations of breach of fiduciary duty by an executor. A plaintiff may claim that the defendant did not correctly administer a trust or distribute assets according to a will or trust. In any of these matters, Samantha Tzoberi can provide exceptional representation.


Remedies to will defects and probate litigation claims may include removing an executor, reviewing a will and protecting clients' interests in probate court. Georgia is strict on deadlines in estate litigation. Samantha Tzoberi will meet those requirements while skillfully representing your interests in any type of estate litigation.

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