Preserving Business Interests In Litigation

Business litigation is often a high-stakes, fast-paced venture. Litigation will typically present a range of opportunities by which to solve complex problems. Attorney Samantha Tzoberi at Tzoberi Law, LLC, in Atlanta skillfully addresses vital issues while representing businesses in a wide array of industries, as well as individual owners, directors and managers.

Business litigation can be likened to a game of chess in which a well-planned strategy is essential. Discovering and implementing those winning strategies translates to favorable outcomes for her clients.

A Boutique Business Litigation Firm Offering Individualized Advocacy

An adept attorney will take the time and thought to assess the risks and opportunities before recommending decisive actions. Samantha Tzoberi advocates skillfully on behalf of Georgia businesses in claims and lawsuits, involving:

  • Contract litigation
  • Deferred compensation disputes
  • Securities litigation
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violation cases
  • Real estate matters such as quiet title actions
  • Creditors' rights in bankruptcy cases

Aggression and hard work, from a position of strength, can be the path to successful resolution in your business litigation case. With Tzoberi Law, LLC, on your side, you can be reassured that an experienced lawyer will apply effective strategies in pursuit of the most favorable attainable results. With prior experience at major law firms in Atlanta, including a senior counsel position at an AmLaw 50 firm, Samantha Tzoberi is prepared to navigate sophisticated, high-stakes legal challenges on your behalf.

The Definition Of Success In Litigation

Success in business litigation is not necessarily defined by "winning" or "losing," but rather by the effort and cost expended to achieve a certain outcome. Successful cases differ, but have common dimensions in business litigation: prevention of financial losses or recovery and mitigation of losses.

In practical terms, the vast majority of cases are resolved outside a courtroom, but lawyer Samantha Tzoberi prepares every case with the understanding trial may be necessary. In this way, every challenge can be met in a timely manner with hard facts, compelling evidence and persuasive arguments.

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